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Ultimate Portable air compressor

Ultimate Portable air compressor

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Introducing the Ultimate Portable Air Compressor – your perfect companion for on-the-go convenience and reliability. Crafted from durable ABS material, this compact yet powerful device is designed to fit perfectly in your hand or your bag, measuring just 80 x 52 x 158mm.

Equipped with a robust 6000mAh lithium battery and a Type-C charging interface, this air compressor offers extensive usage time of up to 30 minutes on a single charge, ensuring you're always prepared. Whether you're dealing with car tires, bicycles, or sports equipment, its impressive pressure range of 3-150PSI and precise inflation capability (±1.5psi) guarantee optimal performance for a wide variety of needs.

The LCD display provides real-time monitoring of pressure levels, enhancing ease of use and precision, while the device's rated power of 60W allows for fast and efficient operation. With an air volume of 16L/min and a piston diameter of 19mm, it delivers powerful inflation, capable of pumping up 2 tires from 0 to 30 psi in just 8-9 minutes.

Despite its power, it's incredibly user-friendly, with a simple Type-C charging cable and a charge time of only 3-5 hours. The air compressor is also designed for maximum portability, weighing in at just 465g, and includes a 200mm ± 10mm air hose for easy reach and flexibility.

This air compressor isn't just about functionality; it's about providing peace of mind. Whether you're on a road trip, heading to a sporting event, or just out and about, this device ensures you and your equipment stay inflated and ready for any challenge. Say goodbye to the days of searching for a gas station with an air pump or dealing with flat tires in inconvenient locations.

Upgrade your gear with this sleek, efficient, and reliable portable air compressor. It's not just an investment in your convenience; it's an investment in your peace of mind. Get yours today and experience the freedom of being prepared for anything, anywhere, anytime.


Material : ABS

Size:80 * 52 * 158mm

Battery capacity: 6000mAh lithium battery type - LCD display

Working voltage: 7.4v

Input : 5V1A

Piston diameter: 19mm

Rated power: 60W

Pressure range: Pressure: 3-150PSI

Precision: ± 1.5psi

Air volume : 16L/min

Continuous working time: 8-10 minutes

Time: Lithium battery fully charged Working time: About 20 minutes, fully charged, capable of driving 2 tires 0-30 psi inflation time: 8-9 minutes

Type-C charging cable: approximately 80mm

Charging time : Charging time: 3-5 hours

Charging interface : Type-C

Usage time: 30 minutes

Length of air hose: 200mm ± 10mm

Net weight of product: 465g


Packing included:

Host *1

Inflation hose *1

Inflation nozzle *4

Charging cable *1

Instruction manual *1


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